Get surrounded by the Aquatic Joy this vacation at Virgin Islands

A chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea constitutes the United States Virgin Islands which is located 40 miles to the east of Puerto Rico. The islands that add beauty to the United States are Saint Croix, Saint John, Saint Thomas and Water Islands with some islets and cays. The greenery peaks with different flora and fauna, mighty streams, and White sand beaches enhance the scenic beauty of the islands.

Enjoy the tempo of busy waves

Looking in deep about each island, everything is unique in different perspective and tourists will be assured spending their vacation will be delightful in these islands. Saint Thomas islands are the larger island with hustling trade ports surrounded by the lush green atmosphere and the clear ship docks creating the rhythm with the sea waves. This island is well known for its nightlife in Snoota, retail outlets, busy harbors and it is the paradise for shopping mallrats.

Landscape photo of tranquil island beach

The home of serene beaches

Though Saint John is the small island, Two-third of the area constitutes the national park and this park provides the space for boating, snorkeling and a lot more water sport activities. This island consists of many bays to enjoy the sailing and scuba diving activities and is well suited for enjoying the kid-zoned vacation.


Revitalize the soul with breathtaking water sport

Awe-inspiring heritage trail, coral reefs, the rum distillery and enthralling casinos make up the Saint Croix Island. Cane Bay is particularly designated for day tripping the entire island and enjoy the scuba diving on the go. This island is a perfect place for an educational visit to accompany your kids and also to relinquish the taste of local restaurants and spend the time in golf courses. Move on a trip to this island to enjoy the royal casinos, sea adventures and live a typical aquatic life for a day.


Staying at Virgin Islands is a golden era

The accommodation and the special features available at the Virgin Islands make the traveler fall in love with this place again. One of the best hotels in Saint Thomas is Beachfront Duplex Villa with a ravishing beauty of beach and pools in the front yard. These hotels are highly demanding due to its best customer service and amenities are available to satisfy each family member according to their needs. This hotel provides the facilities like free Wi-Fi, kitchen accessories, and sea view is the inimitable part of this island.

If you are planning your stay at Saint John, then private villas and resorts are the best options to enjoy the cherishing moments in the Virgin Islands. Every room in the Caneel Bay Resort is well furnished by Caribbean stone and relish the on-site dining at Turtle Bay. The accommodation is best suited for couples to enjoy their stay at John Island and create unforgettable moments of joy in snorkeling. Enjoy a cup of coffee by watching the beauty of waves racing each other from the patio using Duseek Apps.

Are you eager in enjoying the water sports activity to a greater extent? Then book your room in the best hotel, which is just 4 minutes walk from the beach. The Buccaneer hotel is well known for its water sports activities and the open-air dining facility is offered with mouth-watering American dishes. The golf course and the fitness center to improve your physique during the holiday and enjoy the swimming in the private pools with your kids. Educate your children about the estuarine and marine environment along with the endangered species in that habitat by visiting the Salt River Bay National Historical Park, which is just 12.9 km away from the resort.

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